Gonna get better :)

I have people around me going through some major stuff………..

I have someone who just lost their baby at 8 months of pregnancy this past week.

I have someone in the most emotionally abusive job.

I have someone going through some marriage issues and wants out, in just year one.

I have a couple of people struggling in their careers.

I have people who badly want babies. They’ve been trying for a while.

I have others planning for weddings and struggling with budgets and dreams etc.

The list goes on.

So here I am thinking, how I can be of help.

I can forward jobs to you, I can and will pray with you yes but I still feel shorthanded. How can I help these people further/better?

So in my thinking last night (I overthink issues before bedtime. Story for another day..) God spoke to me…furreal!!!

God said, I tell you, (Eeeerm.. Yes, God speaks to me, I think, despite the fact that… you know…I don’t fit the picture but oh well).. He said ………..He is aware. God said, He knows you are hurting and struggling. He knows.

To some of you, he is teaching you through your situation, he is almost done with the curriculum just be patient.

To some of you he is still building your next level, it is in final touches so just be patient. You shall move in soon.

With those few words, I promise you, it’s going to get better. I don’t make promises, but I promise you, It will get better, no matter the situation, it will get better.

Enjoy this song….




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