Hugs and Coffee Spills

Watch this first

Now here is a little story…..

A few weeks ago I went of whatsapp. I just couldnt manage anymore. There were too many keyboard relationships. Too much catching up but no emotions to the catch up. Also, too many group hangouts that I participated in in pure solitude (Irony)

Emojis repalced hugs, hanshakes, burst outs and plain old tear jerking moments. I value these.

I got exhausted. I still have my whatsapp but on a gadget I barely use. I only check once a day probably and I am happy.

For me whatsapp gave me a leeway to not be present and definitely gave me an excuse to not make time. Whatsapp in this case is represenative of all the instant messaging platforms and Social Media pages I am on that I havent let go yet.

All I am saying is,I wish the world gave more presence. Theres too much good perfume not being smelt because we barely hug anymore, emojis do it! Theres little coffee spills because we dont get shocked during coffee dates anymore, the startled emoji does it. 



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