The Velcro experience aka sanitary pad

11.30 Pm

Logs onto to Facebook……….

Looks around… .

What’s on your mind? Hmmm

Honest answer…….

I am thinking, in a day when human beings are going to mars like it’s a trip down south. In a time when women are getting more powerful roles in Governments and institutions.

In a day when there are more women in science and innovation.

In this very day, I am wondering why no one has invented a sanitary pad that doesn’t sound llike vecro when coming off the wrapper or panty.

Can someone already invent a brand of sanitary towels called, silent or no noise pad? Please

P/S sitting in a cubicle waiting for the other person to leave so you can have your Velcro moment in peace isn’t cool at all.

P/S avoiding peoples’ houses during that time of the month because of the Velcro moment is sans cool.

Anyhow, I am offering to be a brand ambassador for the silent sanitary towel.

Also, is there a trick how to minimize the Velcro noise?



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