Forget passion, curiosity is just as gratifying

You know what; if you don’t find your passion, follow your curiosity.  


Maybe some of you will identify with this post but I feel like I have just found the answer to my life. (Insert preacher voice, stumping of feet etc…..)

Back to business….

Fact! I am a jack of all trades. I am always trying something new.

There is a time I was deeply in love with the arts. Performing arts. I acted, I did poetry and I attempted to dance. I liked poetry the most out of those. That didn’t last. For some reason I couldn’t take to the stage anymore. I still write pieces but I cannot (Cannot is a strong word) but yes I just can’t perform.

Soon after, I began doing events. I was so deeply in love with doing events but they soon got a hold of me and that kind of sailed out of me.

I began so many other little gigs on the side but I always abandon them. But I must say all my little gigs were fulfilling. I made a coin or two and they all made me happy when they lasted.

I bet I did all this is in pursuit of passion and purpose. You know the deep and greater purpose things.

Truth, I am not a solo talent. I am not a great singer, dancer etc. I mean I am not one of those people that would say there is one particular thing I am passionate about or crazy about per se.

In this regard, I have always felt agitated inside, quizzing when ill find my passion and what it is. This makes you question every single thing that happens at work, good or bad.

But I stumbled upon something this morning that has totally gotten me home. Its probably put so much in perspective for me. Elizabeth Gilbert, Thank you!


Here goes… (My version)

For some of us we don’t have a passion per se. For some of us we are not madly passionate about a particular thing but you know what…We are all curious!

Follow your curiosity. Follow it until you get quenched. When you get quenched often in form of fatigue, find a new curiosity.

Some of us aren’t passionate about true love but we are curious about true love and good relationships thus follow the curiosity to where it leads.

Find your curiosity. Follow your curiosity

So to all my friends feeling a little lost more so in their careers. Trying so hard to find and follow your passion. I hope this finds you some peace. Just follow your curiosity.

If you don’t find your passion, follow your curiosity.