New Music alert- Inspiration

I have been in a really cool place artistically and spiritually of late. This sounds a little abstract but just explains how I have been bumping into very spiritual elements of design and fashion as well as music.  The kind that causes healing, uplifting and brings forth peace.

Perhaps I’m last to know, but one of the artists I discovered were James Fortune. His music is the ultimate glue to put together broken and perhaps hopeless pieces of life. His music can be sampled here> http://www.jamesfortunemusic.com/

Now onto more hippy music. I just discovered a group from South Africa called, We will Worship, I am in Love totally. God, are these kids good or deadly!

Their music is too tamu (Sweet), Listen here.  http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/1390931

My current fav song is Malibongwe;

The lyrics, Malibongwe- We Will Worship

Ngaphandle kwakho (Without you)

Anginathemba, anginalutho (I have no hope, I have nothing)

Wangifela esiphambanweni (you died for me at the cross)

Wangikhipha ezonweni zam (You got me out of my sins)

Ngasho ngahlala nawe(and I got to dwell with you)

Malibongwe igama lakho (let your name be praised)

I hope you enjoy the tunes, I am trying to get my replay button fixed after replaying Malibongwe over and over